It’s about Hate, Stupid

The right simply to exist is an inherent right endowed to all people, except those living in Israel.  For some reason, Israelis specifically the Jewish population, don’t possess the right to exist, let alone the right to defend themselves. No … Continue reading

‘Doesn’t Anyone Notice This? I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills.’*

In an attempt to save what little sanity I have left, I’ve made a concerted effort to avoid watching the news. Despite my best efforts, snippets of the absurd and annoying have seeped into my consciousness. Here is what I … Continue reading

America: Do Not Disturb

America abandoned itself.  We’re no longer a country that operates on the foundational principles that sustained us since our founding.  We’re ruled by men, not by law, and most Americans don’t seem to care.  The constitutional crisis of the executive … Continue reading