Give Me Birth Control or Give Me Death!

Wait, I don’t think I have the title quite right. I know name calling and ridiculing those who disagree with me isn’t the most effective way of conveying my own position. I usually believe that a certain amount of civility should accompany … Continue reading

Ukraine & Anti-Semitism: Same Story – Different Day

I wanted to enjoy my Easter weekend, so once again I avoided the news like the plague. I knew something new was askew in Ukraine, but I’d quickly exit the room before I heard any details, but there was no … Continue reading

Trespassing Cows

This Thursday,  April 17th is Holy Thursday, I will not have a post, so this post will serve to cover last week and this week. Think of it as a twofer. + Note: I know that 4 of my 5 … Continue reading

Thugs with Guns

I know there’s so much going on in the world; the tragedy at Ft. Hood; the mudslides in Washington State; the 200 some odd people who disappeared into thin air; the numerous earthquakes along the west coast of the Americas; … Continue reading