Who is Ana Henry?

A little about me . . . as my name Ana Henry indicates, I am a woman; and a sarcastic smart-ass one at that.  I also love to dabble in hyperbole, so if you don’t appreciate the nuances of the ‘sarcastic arts’ you will not enjoy reading 99% of what I post.  My writing style stems from my Eastern European-Jewish-Irish-Catholic-American heritage. How do I reconcile my background?  Therapy. Lots of therapy.

My politics also inform my writing.  I am definitely an extremist.  I’m either extremely reactionary or a pinko commie.  It depends on the issue and your perspective relative to mine.  Moderate I am not.  Extremely confused, most  definitely.  I am not a Democrat or a Republican, but have Libertarian leanings. 

I write about what interests me through the prism of the influences mentioned above.  Politics, religion, and general cultural issues are my main interests, as well as international human rights.  Every now and then I do post some random silliness.

Originally, I hail from Los Angeles, and spent my formative years living in a neighborhood more diverse than the U.N.  I went on to pursue a higher education and received a bachelor’s in History and a law degree.  After law school I was intoxicated by power and corruption and lured to Washington D.C.  After about 15 years the intoxication wore off and I was left with a massive hang-over.  Having come to my senses, I changed careers and got the hell out of Dodge.

Contact Info:  anahenry@live.com


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