Gone but Not Forgotten


When I first put up the photo gallery of the three Israeli teens who were brutally murdered, I only planned on keeping it up for about a month.  In our world of 24/7 news and social media, we lack the attention span to remember or follow important stories for more than a few days.  I wanted to keep these boys in our consciousness for more than a few days.

For a news story, a month is a long time; in real life, it is a very short time.  Imagine finding out a month ago that your child had been murdered for the mere fact of being Jewish.  Would you be over it by now?  Of course not.  The void left by the loss would still consume you.  With time there is healing, but life will never be the same.

Anyone who listened to the recording of the emergency call that one of the boys made after being abducted, knows how horrifying their final moments were. (I DO NOT recommend listening to it).  So I thought they deserved some extra remembrance and a final tribute. (For some reason this clip skips to the middle.  If this happens to you, just move the clip to the beginning.)

Sadly, at least 64 young Israeli men, some younger than one of the kidnapped boys, have also been killed by terrorists.  These young men made the ultimate sacrifice for their country; protecting the people of Israel from terrorists.  I hope to post more details about the brave soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces soon.

by: Ana Henry – 03 Aug 2014


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