It’s about Hate, Stupid


The right simply to exist is an inherent right endowed to all people, except those living in Israel.  For some reason, Israelis specifically the Jewish population, don’t possess the right to exist, let alone the right to defend themselves.

No other country in the world would tolerate terrorist sanctuaries on their borders whose stated goal is the destruction of their country, or constant terror attacks that target civilians.  How long would any other country tolerate constant terror attacks?  Would the world tell any other country that it couldn’t defend itself?


After 9/11, the United States invaded, and overthrew the governments of two countries.  We spent ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan, which resulted in creating fertile ground for groups like ISIS.  We didn’t negotiate with Bin Laden; we put a bullet in his head.  Yes, 9/11 was a huge attack, but afterwards I didn’t live in constant fear of terrorism. 

Israelis cannot say the same.  The terrorists who want to annihilate Israel are their neighbors.  Israelis live under a constant threat of terror attacks.  Will a bomb go off on the bus or café they’re sitting in?  Will their children return from school at the end of the day?

Before we proceed, we need a reality check.

If you don’t know a single thing about Israel or any issue for that matter, it’s always a safe bet NOT to side with people who put out memes emulating Hitler and use the hashtag #HitlerWasRight.  If you still need more information to sort things out, I will continue.


The current conflict in Israel isn’t about Gaza or the West Bank, or even the creation of Israel.  From 1920 to 1948, before Israel was created and the British controlled the region, over 1500 Jews were murdered by Arabs.  This isn’t about occupation, it’s about hating Jews, disguised as a land dispute.  The Jewish people aren’t fighting for land, they’re fighting for their very existence.

To understand how we got to this point, we need some historical background.  Don’t worry, I don’t go back to Babylonian times, just Roman.

+ 1300 B.C.: Israel became a nation. 

+ 63 B.C.: Romans arrived.  Made it their mission to eradicate Jewish identity through the Diaspora, and changed names of locations to remove any trace of Jewish heritage. 

+ Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina.

+ Judea was renamed Palestina; a reference to the Philistines; a historical enemy of Israel.

+ Palestina was a region, not a country.  It included what is now modern-day Israel and Jordan.  Except for a 22 year period around 635 A.D., Arabs have never ruled over Palestina.  A country called “Palestine” has never existed.

+ Despite the best efforts of foreign powers, the Jewish people have been continuously present in Israel for over 3300 years. Jews are the indigenous population.

+ 1516 to 1918:  The Ottoman Empire controlled the region. 

+ 1918 to 1947:  The British Empire controlled the region.  In 1922, the British split the Palestinian region.  80% went to Arabs in what is now Jordan.

+ Under the Ottoman and British Empires, due to the innovation of the Jews, commerce and agriculture exploded.  This created jobs, which attracted migrant workers from numerous Arab countries.  Arabs went to Israel because of the Jews.

The State of Israel

In 1947 the U.N. took control of the region, further dividing the remaining 20% in half.  Half to Arabs.  Half to the Jews.  Under British and U.N. control, Arabs received 90% of the Palestinian region. 

+ Jew-hating Arab countries rejected the U.N. agreement. 

+ May 14, 1948: The modern state of Israel was born.

+ Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq told Arabs who lived in the newly partitioned Israel to leave; 345,000 of them did.

+ May 15, 1948: Israel was attacked by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, who would “purge the Jews” so the Arabs that had left voluntarily, could return. 

+ Problem: Israel won.

+ Arabs that left, hoping the Jews would be “purged”, became “refugees.”

Refugees: The U.N. defined a refugee as any Arab that had lived in Israel for at least two-years prior to 1948.  All those migrant workers from other countries, who had countries to return to, were now refugees. These Arabs didn’t leave Israel because they were fleeing persecution.  They left Israel voluntarily because they hoped Israel would be “wiped off the face of the Earth.” That doesn’t make someone a refugee, it makes someone a Jew-Hater who gambled and lost. 

The Arab countries that told Arabs to leave Israel, and then refused to integrate them into their own countries when they lost the war, were responsible for creating and perpetuating the refugee problem.  After WWII there were roughly 100 million refugees in the world, all of whom integrated back into society.  How come 345,000 Arab refugees didn’t?  They’ve had 66 years.  Three generations and 4 million people later, and they’re still refugees. 

“The Arab states do not want to solve the refugee problem.  They want to keep it as an open sore. . .  as a weapon against Israel. . .”  U.N. Relief Worker

Arabs care more about making Israel look bad than caring for their own people.

Gaza & the West Bank

+ 1948: Egypt took control of Gaza. Jordan took the West Bank. 

+ Both were controlled by Arab countries for 20 years, yet Egypt and Jordan didn’t see fit to give autonomy to the local Arab populations. 

+ The Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank didn’t commit acts of terror against Egypt and Jordan demanding autonomy.  

+ Six Day War 1967:  20 years and five wars later, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq try again to annihilate Israel, and attack. 

+ Like the previous five occasions, Israel prevailed.

+ During this war, Israel gained Gaza, the West Bank, the Sinai, and the Golan Heights.

+ These were not “occupied territories.”  Israel didn’t unilaterally pursue possession of this land; rather they were spoils of war.

 If you don’t want to lose territory, don’t start a war with a country that kicked your ass on five previous occasions. 

I guess this was a very long way of saying that all the Israel-Haters of the world need to read a history book.

+ 1967: Rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organize, PLO. For the first time, Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank started referring to themselves as “Palestinians”.  There was also a change in tactics.  Arabs knew they couldn’t win a conventional war against Israel, so they took the cowards way out and cultivated hate and terrorism.

Current Mess: 2014


Israel has been under constant terrorist attack since 1948 either from Arab nations or various terrorist groups: the PLO (the PA, Fatah? Whatever), Hamas, and Hezbollah from Iran.  The stated goal of these terrorists is to eradicate Israel, and its inhabitants, from the map.

On June 23rd, when Israel was still looking for three missing teens, Hamas started firing rockets from Gaza at civilian populations in Israel.  Hamas continued to fire rockets, for two weeks, before Israel responded with targeted bombings. 

For over three weeks, Israeli citizens have had only seconds to take cover from Hamas rockets.

10475088_676574395757496_622177384_a (1)


This latest conflict is the same story, different day.  Jew-Haters are alive and well.  Don’t believe me?  In speeches and videos aired on Hamas TV, Hamas leaders make their agenda very clear.  Even some of the oldies but goodies from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are making the rounds.


Popular meme on #GazaUnderAttack.


Abbas (head of PA) is considered a “moderate” by the US.


If Abbas is a moderate, I guess this guy is just overly enthusiastic.

Hamas really is a death cult.  They engage in practices that increase fatalities among their own people, like using them as human shields to protect rockets.  It also doesn’t help that in recent days Hamas has bombed itself 100 times.


In contrast, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), does everything in its power to protect civilians in Gaza.


A culture that values martyrdom and murder is a culture blinded by hate.  The truth doesn’t matter.  This is evident by the propaganda being churned out by terrorists.  Pictures of dead children, allegedly killed by Israel are flooding social media.  The problem is many (if not all) are not from Gaza, but Syria and Iraq.  Iran has been spreading a meme of a girl missing the top half of her body.  The picture is from the movie ‘Final Destination 4!’

These pictures are very graphic; but if you’d like to see how low Hamas will go, exploiting dead children for its own purposes, see here and here.


Funny, this picture doesn’t look like the IDF “killing children?”

Is Israel perfect? No. Can they be heavy-handed at times? Sure.  But when you look at the situation in its totality, the choice is between a culture that values and respects the lives of all, and one that values martyrdom for the sake of exterminating those they hate.

By: Ana Henry – 18 July 2014


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