Hashtagging Terror



First, there was the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. Signs were posted by everyone, including Michelle Obama. The hashtag crowd has since tired of the problems in Nigeria and moved on to the latest cause celeb. 

Sadly, on June 13th, #BringBackOurBoys was created in response to the June 12th kidnapping of three teen-aged boys: Israelis Gilad Shaar, 16 and Eyal Yifrah, 19; and U.S. citizen-Israeli Naftali Frenkel, 16.  They were walking home after school when they were abducted by members of the Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

I highly recommend visiting their Facebook page. It has a lot of up-to-date info, and continues to grow.  https://www.facebook.com/BringBackOurBoysNow/timeline


Israel’s Response:  Israel responded first and foremost by coming together as a community in prayer. There weren’t any calls for vengeance, only fervent prayer that the boys be brought home soon, and alive.  Of course, these prayers were backed up by action.  

Almost immediately, Israel launched Operation Brother’s Keeper.  Within five days, in the West Bank, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) seized copious amounts of weapons, as well as terrorist’s funds and documents with intelligence value.

With IDF raids, combined with special forces, domestic intelligence units, and Shin Bet, Israel was able to apprehend over 200 Hamas security suspects. Additionally, almost all Hamas leadership was taken into custody.  Israel is hitting Hamas on all fronts, including their political networks and financial centers.

This may seem like an over-reaction on Israel’s part, but it’s not.  In the past year and a half, Israel has thwarted 44 kidnappings hatched in the West Bank.  Israel’s current response to this kidnapping is about finding these three boys and long-term security.  It’s called foresight. 

Gaza & West Bank Response:  How did the residents of Gaza and the West Bank respond to these kidnappings?  Fatah, aka the Palestinian Authority (PA), aka the PLO, was out in the streets celebrating. People were giving out candy and other treats.  People were giving the “three-finger salute”, which mockingly represents the three kidnapped boys.  

Speaking of mocking, Fatah portrayed the three boys as rats in a picture posted on their Facebook page.  Fatah also called on those who lived in the area where the boys were kidnapped to destroy any video from surveillance cameras that could be used by Israel to help find the boys and bring their captures to justice.  


It’s never too early to teach children to hate.


These Fatah guys seem like really nice fellas.  I’m so glad the U.S. sends them “foreign aid.”

Some individuals who live in Gaza did more than just mock Israel.  On June 18th, Gaza fired two rockets at Israel, one hitting a populated area.  Not to be outdone, on June 19th Israel hit five terror sites in Gaza.  Just another day in Israel.

“So what!?” you ask.  Why should America care?  The fact that Israel is our ally and the only democracy in a land of lawlessness should be reason enough; but there’s more.  The Islamic terrorist group Hamas, the ones who kidnapped the boys, is funded and publicly supported by the Obama Administration.  

You and I, the American taxpayer, are subsidizing this kidnapping, to the tune of $400 million.

Hamas Highlights:

+ Hamas’ founding charter advocates the destruction of Israel and encourages the killing of all Jews.

+ Since 1996, over 1,000 Israeli citizens have been killed by Hamas terrorist attacks.

+ According to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, the goal of Hamas is the total destruction of Israel.

+ From January 2014 to June 2014, during the “Unity Peace Talks”, over 150 rockets were fired by Hamas-backed Islamist at Israel.


Obama’s Support of Terrorism: This unfortunate kidnapping has helped expose the “Unity Peace Talks” for the fraud that they were, and the true extent of the United States’ culpability for terrorism.

The charade known as the “Unity Peace Talks” took place this past spring. Unity referring to non-terrorists, “Palestinian” organizations uniting as one group. From the beginning, Israel made it very clear that they would not negotiate with terrorists. (Just like the United States, right!?)

According to our own State Department, Hamas is (was?) a terrorist organization.  Which makes it all the more peculiar that the Obama administration held secret talks with Hamas terrorists to discuss strategy for the “Unity Talks”, five months before hand. Obama and Hamas engaged in premeditated, calculated plans to sabotage the peace process.  

Due to US’ secret collaboration with Hamas terrorists, Israel was somewhat surprised when the US supported letting the terrorist group Hamas, join the “Unity Coalition.” What’s more, the US was the first country to recognize Hamas as a “legitimate political organization.”

Unlike the US, Israel has integrity.  When they say they won’t negotiate with terrorists, they won’t negotiate with terrorists.  Hamas is a terrorist organization, so Israel walked.  

In addition to being terrorist groups, one of the biggest problems with Hamas, the “Palestinian” Authority, and the Arab League is they all refuse to recognize the Jewish State of Israel and its right to exist. On the other hand, under the right conditions, Israel holds out the possibility of  a two-state solution.

According to the US State Department, recognition of Israel by the “Palestinian” Authority is not necessary for the peace process.  Really? Yes, Israel demanding to have its right to exist acknowledged is just outrageous.  How can Israel negotiate a peace with people who refuse to accept its existence?


 Concerning Israel and Hamas: Obama secretly collaborates with terrorists to undermine the peace process with Israel, and then blames Israel when the talks fail.  His administration was the first to recognize Hamas as legit.  The US has taken the side of terrorists who teach their children hatred and advocate the destruction of Israel; who dance in the streets to celebrate the recent kidnapping.  Obama loves Hamas so much that he publicly supports them and funds their terrorist activities . . . including kidnappings. 

Obama has abandoned America’s historical support for Israel and thrown his full support behind Hamas.

The American people are praying for the safe return of Eyal, Naftali, and Gilad.  Obama — not so much.

by:  Ana Henry – 27 June 2014


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